08/10/2020 - 17:00

Mr. Clattenburg, we have a problem...

Hear me out!


Ο Αργόσχολος

Dear Mark,

First of all, welcome to our country and if you ever come to Crete, stop by to treat you some raki.

Two days ago, you mentioned that OFI Crete was misjudged against PAOK and it was the second straight week that this happened. But you will never receive an official complaint from Iraklio. 

OFI's staff and board have a different phisosophy about football, amongst greek teams and they would never publish their complaints about referees and their mistakes. Instead, they always welcome them, treat them well, with cretan hospitality and thank them after the game, whatever has happened during the match.

Mark, i am afraid that all these don't result to fair treatment to OFI so far. Instead of rewarding them for their philosophy, not by giving them unfair advantage, but with justice in decisions, it seems that the Greek referees have taken all this as something very convenient for them.

In difficult decisions so far, they always choose the option that won't give them complaints, they pick the easy solution favouring the opponent, because they already know that OFI will never bully them, like most teams.

That is not right Mark... When you first came to Greece, you said that you will work to change greek football and make it better. OFI is working very hard to achieve that and should be rewarded with fair decisions, not being seen as the convenient victim, that will accept everything and never complain. Greek football will never change like that, it will only get worse, even with technologies like VAR.

One more thing Mark. As you know, your appointment to EPO was made after the decision of FIFA and UEFA that the so-called "Big-4" would choose the new director and they all vote for you. Probably FIFA and UEFA were just tired of their endless fights and wanted to finally get them of their back, but Mark, i'm afraid that this gave the Greek referees the wrong message! That those 4 clubs are above the rest, that they are more "equal". And they are treated differently every week. For example, Olympiakos or PAOK would never face the penalties that OFI got against Lamia and Panetolikos, with such an ease. I bet my boat on that.

That's all for now, if some things won't change, you will soon get tired of narrating about errors against OFI every Tuesday. It's 4/4 weeks now, with difficult decisions, that all went against the Cretans, falsely or not. They already have 3 points less, than they should. They are 6th at the table, instead of 2nd.

Thank you for your time and don't forget to stop by for raki, if you ever come to Crete. Or tea from the cretan mountains.Cheers!

Argosholos aka Lazy Man (parody account of an unofficial news site for OFI Crete)