17/07/2019 - 21:02

RSC Anderlecht - OFI Crete 0-1

OFI's friendly match victory in Brussels.



RSC Anderlecht - OFI Crete Game Center:

90' End of the game.
88' Perdikis has a chance with the head.
83' Dante has a chance with the head; Sotiriou helps his team with an interception.
47' The goalkeeper, Boeckx, makes a safe.
45' Start of the second half.

45' Half-time.

40' GOAL! OFI Crete scores with a shot!
37' Chance for Ait El Hadj with a shot! That was an excellent opportunity!
20' Nabi sees a chance for glory and shoots! The goalkeeper, Boeckx, makes a safe.
9' Gerkens with a header! The ball doesn't go in between the posts.
2' The goal of Sassi is declared invalid due to offside.

Line-up RSC Anderlecht: Boeckx, El Kababri, Bornauw, Lawrence, Kayembe, Kums, Daskevics, Zulj, Gerkens, Trebel, Ait El Hadj, Colassin, Dante, Leoni, Cobbaut, Sa
Line-up OFI Crete: Sotiriou, Braun, Nastos, Giannoulis, Korovesis, Semedo, Sakor, Mellado, A.Nabi, Souza, Sassi
reserves: Dermitzakis, S.Nabi, Ntinas, Neira, Manos, Marinakis, Oikonomou, Bolakis, Perdikis, Sournakis, Noikokyrakis, Parsson

credits: www.anderlecht-online.be